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Say goodbye to outdated, time-consuming customer acquisition methods. We’re your 21st-century digital storefront. We provide all the tools necessary for your business to buy and sell leads and calls. Better yet, it all happens in one place: Buyers can register, sign your contract, create their campaign and pay for your product right through your business’s Jangl platform. It’s slick and secure. Contact us today to learn more.

All in one solution

Web Leads

With the latest tools like Ping/Post Integration, Direct Post Integration, and CRM Integration, we deliver the leads you want, when you want them.

Buyer Controls

Enjoy easy navigation and straightforward tools. From setting up a campaign to fine-tuning the details, Jangl has it all – on-demand and hassle-free.


Our powerful call management system makes it easy for users to pinpoint their calls with Dynamic IVR Call Tracking and advanced Number Generation.

Live Reporting

Through Jangl’s reporting platform, you can easily dispute data that doesn’t meet your requirements. And with a click, mark the status of the leads as pending, contacted or sold.


The ultimate enterprise solution

Power at your fingertips

Tap into the power of customized technology. We have amazing flexibility and offer many different packages to fit our platform to your individual needs. Contact us today and let Jangl be the tool to grow your lead generation business.

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